InteleANTS provides video & audio transcription services at cheap prices. We transcribe audio to text from recordings of interviews, conferences, seminars, meetings, focus group discussions, lectures & sermons with high level of accuracy at competitive prices. We convert from any audio/video format- WAV, DSS, MP3, DVF, OGG, DCT, AVI et al to any file format-MS word, text or PDF. InteleANTS is an audio/video transcription company with expertise & experience to handle various accents & subjects.

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Video/Audio Transcription Services

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InteleANTS offers high quality audio transcription & video transcription services at very competitive rates. We transcribe audio & video to text in any format (plain Text file, MS Word or PDF) as per your requirement. We can handle most of the popular digital audio & video formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, DSS, DVF, AIFF, AAC, OGG, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPG, QT, and SWF.

Whether you are looking for interview transcription, meeting transcription, lecture transcription, dictation transcription or conference transcription services, you can rely on us to deliver accurate transcripts at very competitive rates. Our team of transcribers has the expertise to transcribe audio & video recordings of any event: we provide focus group transcription, seminar transcription, webinar transcription, sermon transcription services, et al.

We transcribe audio & video recordings for clients in North America, UK and Australia on an ongoing basis. Our team of transcribers has experience in handling a wide range of accents and topics. If the quality of the audio recording is good and if the speech clarity is high, we deliver 99%+ accuracy. We have developed an annotation methodology with which you can quickly review the portions of the transcript that we are not 100% sure of. This way you can easily get the transcribed text to 100% accuracy.

We also assist you in editing the transcripts, checking and correcting spelling and grammatical errors and formatting the document to your specifications. We can also caption video recordings with transcribed text.

We execute video/audio transcription projects in several foreign languages: French transcription, Spanish transcription and German transcription services. If you are you looking for translation from Spanish, German, French or Arabic to English or vice versa, please check our Translation Services.

For more details on how our transcription company works, turn-around time, pricing and mode of payment, check Transcription FAQs.

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Audio and Video Transcription Services
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We completed audio transcription of four lectures about Country and Western music. There were proper names of singers in the lectures. It had many technical terms relating to music. The audio format was OGG. We spent time understanding important musical terms and then completed the audio transcription process successfully.

InteleANTS(transcription service provider) completed an efficient and successful audio transcription of an interview with a defendant. The interview consisted of 2 interviewers and a defendant. The audio files were in MP3 and AIFF formats. We undertook the audio transcription service in an efficient manner and completed it successfully.

The audio file had one Leader speaking into a group of 150 students in a closed room. The leader and the students speak into a microphone. The audio file was provided to us in AAC format. We managed to transcribe audio file with the help of 2-3 transcribers and used a senior editor to do grammar checks and other quality checks.

The client gave us a series of short WAV & DVF files describing how to coach hitting in the sport of baseball. Each audio files were approximately 15 minutes in length. Our transcription service team completed the audio transcription quickly and employed 2 well-experienced editors to check the transcripts to eliminate any errors.

The business coaching company conducts on-to-one coaching sessions, classroom session, lectures and seminars. Periodicaly, they also have group discussions & conferences which are recorded. All these sessions are taped in audio & video files and we transcribe 12 to 15 hours of audio & video every month. Since the client requires a very high quality of transcripts, the transcripts are checked by a senior editor to eliminate errors and edit conversational phrases.

The Client had two phone call recordings in WAV format. There were many low volume areas, whispering, static and multiple voices. We had done an accurate audio transcription of the phone call recordings and delivered them to the client very quickly. Our transcription services team had done multiple checks to eliminate any errors.

There was a video of therapy session with 1 therapist and 2 clients. The video was in AVI format. We had to transcribe video to text with the name of the speaker paired with each time they spoke. The speech transcription was edited to eliminate redundant words and other words used in conversations. Various other quality checking exercises were done to submit a high quality transcript of the video.

Translation of an interview from French to English. We were provided an audio recording of around 40 minutes & were required to deliver a French transcript as well as its English translation. The translated interview was edited to make it gramatically correct, with care taken to keep it meaningful and true to the original French version.

InteleANTS transcription services team transcribes 4 to 6 hours of audio every month for a sales trainer. The client conducts webinars, classroom sessions and coaching classes, all of which is being transcribed by us on a continuous basis. All transcribed files are checked for quality and appropriately formatted.

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