Affordable conference transcription services to convert audio/video recordings to accurate transcripts. Inteleantsí team of transcribers is adept in transcribing live conferences, web conferences and conference calls accurately with quick turnaround. We can transcribe most of the popular audio/video formats - MP3, WMA, DSS, WAV, WMV, and MPG to any text format as needed.

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Conference Call Transcription

InteleANTS offers accurate conference transcription service for small and medium businesses. We offer a full range of conference call transcription services where we transcribe any conference whether it’s audio or video.  Our team of transcribers has the expertise to transcribe any recorded conference and conference calls accurately and timely. We provide conference transcription service for:

  • Performance review meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Sales review presentations
  • Process/project meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Business conferences
  • Client discussion & many more

We can transcribe from any digital and analog file formats, whether you want it to be done from MP3 to text, WMA, MPG or any other digital format.  All you need to do is upload conference call recordings and we will transcribe them in any text format as per your specifications. We charge by the minute and our rates are low and the delivery schedule is flexible. Rates will depend on the quality of the recording, clarity of speech, background noise, interjections & overlaps in speech, and other such factors which impact the effort required to transcribe the conference call recordings.

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Several conference calls were to be transcribed and returned as Word documents. The conference calls were questions, followed by answers from participants on the call. The conference call recordings were in WMA format. The deadline was tight. Each conference call lasted about 60 minutes. It was in English language with some fast speaking. We completed the conference transcription promptly with necessary editing work done using senior editors.

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