We provide interview transcription services to transcribe interview recordings to text format. We are an interview transcription company which can transcribe interviews in audio & video format and deliver accurate transcripts of the interviews.

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Interview Transcription Services

InteleANTS provides interview transcription services to transcribe audio and video recordings of all types of interviews. We transcribe one-on-one interviews as well as interviews with multiple participants:

  • Research interviews
  • Business interviews
  • Academic interviews
  • Podcast interview / Webcast interviews
  • Phone interview
  • Therapy sessions
  • Survey interviews
  • Radio interviews / Television interviews
  • Dissertation interviews
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Depositions / Court hearings

We have executed interview transcription assignments for journalists, lawyers, college professors, teachers, graduate students, market researchers, consultants, police force, insurance agents, corporate managers in various functions, business owners, trainers, writers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

We can handle transcription of interviews in any audio or video format and provide the transcripts in MS Word, PDF, XML or plain text formats. We can format the transcript as specified by you.

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Interview Transcription Services

InteleANTS(Interview transcription providers) transcribed a series of about 10 telephone interviews, each one lasting about 45 minutes. Since it was a telephonic interview, the recording had a lot of disturbances and the audio was not clear. The audio files were given to us in wav and DSS formats. We managed to complete the interview transcription quickly and without any errors.

We transcribed a Clinical interview between a student psychologist in training and a male client. It was a recording for a clinical exam. it was in WMA format. We were required to have good knowledge of medical terminologies to transcribe an interview accurately in this project. We completed the transcription of interviews and employed 2 medical transcribers as editors to check the transcribed text.

The client had 18 interviews (in English) about local political affairs in San Francisco, CA, that needed to get transcribed. It was a very tight deadline. We were given video files with two different formats - FLV & MPG. We needed to have some knowledge of the political affairs in USA so as to perform the interview transcription effectively. InteleANTS, with the help of experienced transcribers, completed the task successfully.

A video file of an academic interview in FLV format which had discussions about the Human Resources Management was provided to us. The interviewer was a female Taiwanese student and the interviewee was an English woman. We performed the interview transcription taking into consideration the varying accents of the speakers. We came up with an accurate transcription of interview within the stipulated time.

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