Inteleants provides accurate and affordable lecture transcription service with quick turnaround. Our team of transcribers has solid experience in transcribing lectures delivered at universities, schools, training institutes et al. We can convert most of the popular audio/video formats - MP3, WMA, DSS, WAV, WMV, MPG etc to any MS word or PDF as needed.

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Lecture Transcription

InteleANTS offers accurate and affordable lecture transcription service. Our team of professional transcribers has experience and expertise in lecture transcription.  We have been providing quality lecture transcription services to various educational institutes, universities, schools, businesses, other organizations and individuals.

We can transcribe recordings of lectures sent to us in any digital format MP3, WAV, WMA or any other popular format; we provide lecture transcription service for:

  • Professorial lectures at universities
  • Lecture transcription for students
  • Research Institutes
  • Educational centers
  • Schools
  • Special classes
  • Training sessions
  • Public lectures and many more

Whether you want the transcribed content in MS word or PDF, we can transcribe lectures in any text format as per your requirement. Our transcribers are well versed with different accents and subject matters.

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The business coaching company conducts on-to-one coaching sessions, classroom session, lectures and seminars. Periodicaly, they also have group discussions & conferences which are recorded. All these sessions are taped in audio & video files and we transcribe 12 to 15 hours of audio & video every month. Since the client requires a very high quality of transcripts, the transcripts are checked by a senior editor to eliminate errors and edit conversational phrases.

We completed audio transcription of four lectures about Country and Western music. There were proper names of singers in the lectures. It had many technical terms relating to music. The audio format was OGG. We spent time understanding important musical terms and then completed the audio transcription process successfully.

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