Inteleantsí meeting transcription service is cost effective and quick. Our transcribers have solid experience and they can transcribe any audio/video recordings of meetings to accurate transcripts in the format as stipulated. We can handle popular audio/video formats - MP3, WMA, DVF, WAV, WMV, MPG, MOV et al.

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Meeting Transcription

At InteleANTS we understand that business meetings are recorded & need to be documented as they contain important information and action points. We provide accurate meeting transcription service at affordable rates. 

Our team of professional transcribers is trained and has experience in transcribing any business meeting:

  • Board meetings
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Review meetings
  • Feedback sessions
  • Daily/weekly team meetings
  • Client review meetings, et al

You can send the recordings of your meetings in any audio or video format (like MP3, WMV, DSS, AVI et al) and we will transcribe them & deliver the transcripts in thet format you want -MS Word, PDF or plain text. 

We offer reasonable and competitive rates and the rate largely depends on the clarity of speech, quality of audio recording, number of speakers and the topic being discussed. The price is determined by other factors such as background noise, interjections & cross speech, thick accent, use of difficult or indiscernible technical  terminology & frequency of timestamps.  We provide timestamps by default wherever we have an annotation to indicate sections which we are not 100% sure of; we can provide timestamps at specific time intervals if needed to help you review the transcripts.

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There was a video of therapy session with 1 therapist and 2 clients. The video was in AVI format. We had to transcribe video to text with the name of the speaker paired with each time they spoke. The speech transcription was edited to eliminate redundant words and other words used in conversations. Various other quality checking exercises were done to submit a high quality transcript of the video.

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