Inteleants offers quality and affordable webinar & seminar transcription services. We convert audio/video recordings of seminars & webinars to accurate transcripts. Our transcribers have the expertise to handle different accents and topics. We handle most of the popular audio/video formats - MP3, WMA, DSS, WAV, WMV, MPG and convert it to any text format as needed.

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Webinar/Seminar Transcription

InteleANTS offers webinar & seminar transcription services. We have been providing accurate webinar/seminar transcription to various training and academic institutes, marketing companies and business organizations.

We have been handling webinar and seminar transcription for a wide range of topics:

  • Social and Welfare
  • Finance Management
  • Corporate Training
  • Organization Development
  • HR Management
  • Network Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Consumer Behavior

Our skilled team of transcribers has the expertise and experience in deciphering and converting various accents and subject matter with high level of accuracy, and flexible turnaround time. You can transmit the recordings in any digital file format (MP3, WAV. WMA, DSS et al), we will transcribe them to text and format it as stipulated by you.

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Webinar/Seminar Transcription

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