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Transcription Services - FAQs

How does it work?
You can post a request for quote to send us a brief outline of your requirement and we will get back with an estimate based on the details you share. Please try and provide as much information as you can about the recordings - quality, number of speakers, nature of discussion, topic, nativity / accent of speakers etc to help us offer you our best quote. If you need an accurate quote, you can upload your audio or video recordings to our website after creating a free transcription account. Your request for quote will be logged into our system and we usually respond with 24 hours (Monday to Friday) with a quote. We will start work after you confirm the acceptance of the quote and pay an advance. On completion of the work the transcripts will be sent to you via email or can be downloaded by logging in to your transcription account.

Do I need a Transcription account?
Yes, transcription projects can be executed only if you create a Transcription account. It is free and can be created in a couple of minutes. You just need to submit a Request for Quote to be eligible for a Transcription account. Once you post a request, you can create a free transcription account by submitting your email address in the form. Your user name and password will be emailed to you.

What does it mean to have a Transcription account?
The Transcription account provides an easy web interface to manage all transcription related activities. Once your account is created you can log in and upload the audio or video files, add relevant instructions and comments for each audio file. You can download the final transcripts through our web interface. If you have the audio recordings online, you don't have to upload them again; just add the links to your project after logging in.

In what text format can I get the transcript?
Usually transcripts are provided in MS Word format. However, we can provide them in Text format or PDF format as required. By default, we annotate the transcript where there are inaudible words or if the speech is not comprehensible due to audio disturbance, lack of clarity in speech, use of technical terms that are not easily understandable or similar sounding words that transcriber is unable to decipher. These sections are marked with a time stamp - the minute and second in the recording at which the relevant text occurs. If you require timestamps at regular intervals we can do that for a marginal extra fee.

What are the digital file formats you accept?
We handle most of the popular digital audio and video file formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, DSS, DVF, AIFF, AAC, OGG, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPG, QT, and SWF.

What is the turnaround time?
The turn-around time depends on the nature of engagement that we have with our clients. If you have regular work, we can discuss and agree on a TAT that meets your requirement. We will quote the delivery time for one-off projects based on the existing commitments. Normally, turnaround can range from 2 to 3 days for the first hour of audio. Typically, for one time projects we offer 2-3 day turnaround for the first 2-3 hours of recordings and subsequently 2-3 hours of recordings transcribed every day. However, the exact turnaround time will depend on the pre-existing commitments at that point of time.

Do you take up rush transcripts?
We normally do not take up rush transcription assignments due to ongoing projects. We can squeeze in an hour or two of recordings which will be charged at higher rates. However, we do not take up rush transcriptions with delivery in less than 24 hours.

How much do you charge?
Our rates are among the lowest anywhere in the world for the quality of transcripts that we deliver. We offer a simple fee structure: flat rate of US$ 1.50 per minute of audio. Just multiply the duration of the audio in minutes by our rate to get your total cost. This rate is applicable for one or two speaker and audios of high quality; higher rates apply for multi-speaker audios and low quality recordings.

What is the mode of Payment?
You can pay with your credit card or via PayPal. You can also send payments to our bank account in the USA directly. You would need to make 50% of the payment in advance and the balance on completion.


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